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In 2004, the United Nations issued the following statement in its report on human development:

There is no more powerful means of "encouraging" individuals to assimilate to a dominant culture than having the economic, social and political returns stacked against their mother tongue.  Such assimilation is not freely chosen if the choice is between one’s mother tongue and one’s future (p. 33).

After reading Chapter 1: Introduction from Imagining Multilingual Schools: Language in Education and Globalization, share how you imagine schools could build on and support the multiplicity of languages and literacy in our globalized world so students could learn a second language but maintain and use their native languages. 

Next, discuss the following:

  1. What issues do you believe you will face as an educator?
  2. How do you feel about the choice between one’s future and one’s mother tongue?
  3. What multilingual educational options are available in your area now?
  4. What factors (beyond the school or your future classrooms) impact the design and implementation of multilingual education programs in your area?
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Assimilation is a difficult process for anyone in the beginning and some school districts can certainly be cut and dry about new students that enter from a different country dropping everything and doing it the American way placing them right away in mainstream classes. Fortunately here in Los Angeles there are quite a bit of opportunities for most every language that is represented in Los Angeles, although sometimes it is only if the parent is willing to pay for the private school tuition. I imagine though that with a little extra attention any school could provide the right acceptance and respect for the mother tongue which would ultimately support the multiplicity of languages and literacy.

Next, discuss the following:

  1. What issues do you believe you will face as an educator? The first issue I will face is having different cultures all coincide in the same room. The second major issue is one of balance