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To develop a plan for fostering a sense of community, I believe it should be foremost at the beginning of the school year, or if you only have your students for two semesters, that you should implement this sense of community right away whenever there is a new group of students.  Garcia says “In the everyday world of the school and classroom, empowerment refers to helping students control and direct their feelings, thoughts, and actions to learn, to achieve socially constructive goals, and one hopes, to become lifelong learners” (2011, p. 113-114).  We are given our students to have them learn the lessons of life, but make better choices than many others have made.  In reality we see so many cruel things that people say about other people whom they do not really know but base their opinions on what the media has portrayed about those individuals, so beginning early on in the classroom to teach children that we all make mistakes but those mistakes do not define us and do not make us bad people is essential is creating a community. 

I believe simple and direct is the best w