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1. Question :


An Italian immigrant mother reads to her child in Italian. This will help the child’s language development in English.


2. Question :


Of the 4 reasons for the existence of an ‘achievement gap,’ the least valid is



3. Question :


When non-English speaking students are learning content area subjects (math, science, social studies) it is easy for them to pick up English as well as American cultural norms.


 4. Question :


According to García, labeling always has a negative influence when applied to students.



5. Question :


History has proven that students who experience poverty are less intelligent.



 6. Question :

Sustained contact with people who are different from oneself is the best way to promote the Contact Thesis.


 7. Question :


Under the No Child Left Behind Act, it is acceptable for teachers to dumb down lessons so that all children can learn.



 8. Question :


Programs such as Head Start have proven to be effective interventions for improving academic performance of impoverished children.


9. Question :


Situational poverty is easier to overcome than generational poverty because situational poverty is temporary and transient.





10. Which of the following does not affect a student’s academic performance.

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2. Question :

Of the 4 reasons for the existence of an ‘achievement gap,’ the least valid is






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