ELL 359 week 3 DQ 2 The Origins of Bilingual Education in the United States - 20130

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 After viewing the video “S.F.U.S.D. Bilingual Education Lau versus Nichols S.F.G.T.V. San Francisco,” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXhQrJ37gFE) which explores the history of bilingual education programs in San Francisco and delineates the Lau v. Nichols court case, present one argument in favor of and one argument against bilingual education. How is the role of English viewed in the debate on bilingual education? You must reference the course text, and properly cite it in A.P.A. format, for each argument you create.

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After watching the video, I did notice that there were three specific goals that were brought up. According to the video we watched, the three goals were to “improve students’ English proficiency, core curriculum in primary languages, and maintain students’ cultural identity.” (Louie & Bartlebaugh) In my opinion, an argument that would be in favor of having bilingual education in schools is that students could possibly succeed better than if bilingual education was not offered in schoo