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1. Which of the following states does not reflect a “majority minority” population?2. If religious speakers are invited to speak to children, parents have the right to all of the following except:3. The belief that the value of individuality coupled with a value of social unity is an example of4. In order to promote English instruction, the Puritan basal primer was written in English only to prepare students to read religious literature.5. The goal of Spanish missionaries in the 1600s was to: 6. “Creation science” and “intelligent design” are theories that are endorsed by most school districts and legitimate theories of creation.7. According to the statistics presented in the text, the percentage of Christians is higher in America than in Canada.8. Children born of unauthorized immigrants in the United States have the right to full United States citizenship.9.Community, as proposed by García, refers to a group of citizens in a specific location.10. As a result of religious lessons being taught in public schools in the 1840s, Catholics and Protestants in Philadelphia became united in their goal of educating students.

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