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being culturally inclusive and sensitive in the classroom

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From my perspective, being culturally inclusive and sensitive to experiences an ELL student brings to the classroom is a very important - if not the most important - factor in the teaching/learning experience.  One reason I feel this way is that we expect ELLs to adhere to the cultural rules and language of our classrooms and, yet, some classrooms do not put as much effort into understanding and embracing the differences that an ELL can bring.  For instance, we are expecting ELLs to learn to be proficient in the language that most in the classroom already use regularly, but we aren't expecting the FEPs to be proficient in anything but English.  I feel this is a wasted opportunity for a great learning experience, and I also think it seems a bit unfair and callous in regard to ELLs.  If we expect some modification in the FEPs learning experience to include and respect the cultural and language differences of the ELLs in the classroom, we make the classroom an equal playing fi