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1. Question : True or False. A differentiated teacher identifies the core concepts that all students must master and plan instruction to teach these concepts in ways that meet the different needs of the students in their class.

  2. Question : Clear classroom routines provide content that facilitates learning for ELLs.

3. Question : Which of the following is a co-teaching models?


4. Question : As a professional it is important to remember to work well with others, for the following reason:

5. Question : True or False. Arranging chairs and posting information on the bulletin board and walls is only useful for teachers in K-3.

6. Question : True or false. It is important to build a classroom community that celebrates difference.

7. Question : True or False. Quality classroom management sets the stage for effective instruction and learning for ELLs and other students in the classroom.

8. Question : True or False. The aesthetics of a classroom matter as environmental enhancements can helps students focus on instruction.

9. Question : Student grouping should be flexible and should depend on the purpose of instruction and the needs of the students.

10. Question : Although specialists and paraeducators can provide important instruction and instructional support for ELLs, without careful planning their presence in the classroom can also interfere with developing an inclusive environment in which ELLs are fully and meaningfully integrated.


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1. Question : True or False. A diff

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