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1. Question : Frequent errors with grammar, syntax, and idioms are a normal part of language development for ELLs, even after they have developed the ability to read and write in English.

3. Question : Home-school partnerships are powerful because___________.

4. Question : In 1974 the Supreme Court ruled that it was not sufficient to provide ELLs with the same facilities, textbooks, and teachers as English proficient students; districts were required to provide ELLs with instruction that they could assess. The ethnic group that brought this case to trial was __________. (Select one)

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5. Question : School can be an unwelcoming place for some parents due to their previous experiences in school as a student.


6. Question : Funds of Knowledge is a program where ELLs learn about financing and how to improve their economic status.


7. Question : The programs with the most promise for ELLs are two-way bilingual programs.

8. Question : TESOL/NCATE standards have five domains. Which of these options lists the five?


9. Question : When we see differences rather than deficits we can begin to understand the perspectives of others.

10. Question : To address the inequities that were linked to sink or swim instruction, the U.S. government extended which act in 1970? (Select one)




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10. Question : To a

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