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1. Question : Reciprocal Teaching is a _________________.

2. Question : John Dewey believed that children learn language through books.

3. Question : For ELLs and their teachers to measure ongoing progress in academic English, assessments much be differentiated according to level of English language proficiency.


4. Question : Formal assessment of content and language can be which of the following.

5. Question : True or False. Some states have mandated that ELLs be taught to read in English.


6. Question : What is the value in providing the learning objectives prior to the assignment?
7. Question : Which of the following strategies facilitates a student’s ability to comprehend text through the use of advanced organizers?


8. Question : Knowing grade appropriate concepts about English is helpful when you are a second language learner.
9. Question : The National Literacy Panel identified six essential components to second language literacy. They are:

   10. Question : Teaching ELL writing conventions in an authentic and meaningful way requires _________________.


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components to second language literacy.

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