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1. Question : Appropriate strategies for ELLs with proficiency levels from starting to emerging: 

2. Question : It is recommended that when oral language is presented that visuals are also provided to support language acquisition. The visuals make language more ____________.


3. Question : The relationship between vocabulary and reading is ____________.


4. Question : True or False. Schools may represent the only opportunity for ELLs to be engaged in rich English language that builds oral expression and vocabulary.


5. Question : Total Physical Response (TPR) is a useful tool for ELLs because: 
6. Question : True or False. It is highly unlikely that reading alone will result in grade-level academic vocabulary growth for ELLs.

7. Question : Match the strategy with the practice.

 8. Question : Tier 2 words allow for Robust Vocabulary Instruction. A process that was recommend in our text, requires a three step process; 1) define the words in age-appropriate, child-friendly language, 2) provide direct instruction, and 3) ________________________________ .


9. Question : True or False. One of the first things a teacher must do is create a classroom community where academic conversations are promoted.

10. Question : True or False. ELLs must speak to learn a language, if they are silent encourage them to talk.


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1. Question : Ap

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