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1. Question : Schemata refers to _________.
2. Question : True or False. Make multiple reading resources available to all students.


3. Question : True or False. It is much easier for students to learn new concepts and skills when they can integrate these new experiences with their background knowledge.

4. Question : Researchers suggest that speakers must understand _________ of the vocabulary to access meaning while listening.

5. Question : Comprehensible input refers to which of the following?


6. Question : True or False. ELL’s should be the only ones who picture books.


7. Question : When an ELL struggles to understand the language of the classroom, it is recommended that routines are used to increase_________; __________also supports the development of social and academic language.

8. Question : Why is it important to contextualize lessons with clear objectives?


9. Question : How many proficiency levels are there for scaffolding comprehensible input?
10. Question : As scaffolds are gradually removed_________.


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1. Question : Schemata refers to ________

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