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Imagine you are a high school teacher and Jane (from another country) is your student. She is new, and she does not talk a lot. You have a lesson plan ready to go (pick your topic) and you want to be sure Jane gets an opportunity to learn with her classmates. One of the standards/objectives you are teaching has to do with learning academic concepts using subject-specific terms. How could you provide support for Jane’s academic language/content during her silent period? Feel free to connect your personal experience(s) to your response and the text

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According to Krahsan the silent period is a time of learning and is normal, however, as teachers this can be a frustrating time because we feel as if we are not able to aide our students.  It states that Jane does not speak a lot.  I think this is a not a negative thing because she could come to class and not speak at all.  At least I would have some leeway to work with.  I kn