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Compare and contrast the teaching of vocabulary according to Keith S. Folse and Stephen Krashen.  Use your text, the Ashford University library, and the Internet to conduct your research.  How do these two experts approach the teaching of vocabulary?

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Stephen Krashen (n.d) states that presenting language in a simpler form to make comprehensible is one of the first steps teachers can do. During my career I have presented information with some unrealistic developmental learning outcomes and with some that were too simplistic for the learners.  Portland, (2009), states that with beginning ESL students we should not use complex language such as idiomatic expressions and give the students a chance to socialize and use the target language being learned.


Mr.Krashen informs teachers that they should a natural approach to learning, which would implement methods such as Total Physical Response (Peregoy & Boyle, 2008).  In this video we can see how Mr. Krashen uses pictures to help us learn words in German.  Stephen Krashen on Language Acquisition http://www.youtube.com/watch?