ELL 353 WEEK 2 DQ 2 CLASSROOM ENI. - 20141

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Think about the “ideal” emergent literacy environment for children entering school for the first time.  How would you organize your classroom for these children?  When, and under what circumstances, would children be reading and writing?  What types of activities would take place to create a risk-free environment where children can develop completely and confidently?  Please cite and reference the course text and any outside sources you use.

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People are judged by the way they speak, however, people’s first impressions of a teacher is by what the classroom looks like. It is a mirrored reflection of that certain teacher.

The first years in preschool are extremely important because they set the foundation for a sound learning in the future. Research states, that the first five years of a child’s enriching life experiences will impact that child’s learning for the rest of his life (Thayer & Westby, 1999). Having a warm and caring environment will allow children to experience enhanced learning. According to Thayer & Westby, (1999) younger children who spend a great deal of time playing on the floor have more security when there is a lower ceiling in the classroom.

When looking at the setup of a classroom, teachers must ask themselves questions such as, do the learners have chances to mingle with other each and build some social, physical and cognitive skills?  The setup of the classroom as Colombo (2012) tells us is vital to management, effective teaching and enriched learning experiences.  It is a mirrored reflection of that certain teacher.  There are many ways teachers c