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Critical Thinking for English Language Learners

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Critical Thinking for English Language Learners
ELL 351 Listening & Speaking in a Second Language
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1. Why should we test English Language Learners?

 Many people believe that assessing students who do not have a solid command of the English language with formal testing is unfair.  Whereas, many other educators find that testing ELLs is the only way to ensure their success. A test is at its core an assessment of progress and mastery of given content.  Therefore, placement testing   is one of main factors behind assessing our students.. Administration uses the results of the placement test so that they could enroll ELLs in classrooms, which will suit their needs.

 The second reason why teachers should test their learners is because of the grades and the progress of the learners. These results should be used as positive reinforcement and feedback.  This way, students can have a visual of their improvement overtime.

2. Discuss the differences between each of the following, and give an example of each:

Criterion-Referenced and Norm-Referenced Tests:

If teachers want to compare a student’s performance with the performances’ of his or her classmates, then the educator should use the Norm-Referenced tests (NRTs).  Educational institutes use these kinds of tests, so they could rank students in terms of their opportunities for success. The SAT, for example is a test that ranks students and affects which colleges will accept them.