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Chapter 8 of your text suggests a variety of methods for developing vocabulary through reading.  Integrate this information with suggestions from the article, "Frontloading for ELL Learners: Building Concepts and Vocabulary Before Reading."  Select a content area (social studies, science, etc.) and find a lesson from a textbook or an online resource. Post a section of the lesson that includes three to five difficult vocabulary words (highlight in yellow the vocabulary on which you would focus).  Describe how you would build the vocabulary needed for comprehension. For example, what could you do to scaffold the lesson that would benefit English language learners?  Be sure to cite Chapters 7 and 8 in the course text as well as this week's required article.

Guided Response:  Review several of your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two classmates.  Provide feedback on the effectiveness of the strategies your classmates have chosen.  Do you believe the strategies would be effective?  Are they appropriate for the grade level?  Which level of English language learner would benefit most (beginner, proficient, or advanced)?

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