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Chapter 7 of your text introduces the classification of words into parts of speech. The chapter also provides several examples of books that have been written to demonstrate grammar points. Freeman and Freeman (2004) suggest that “despite the scientific evidence that the study of grammar does not improve reading and writing skills, schools still…teach and test grammar” (p. 173). In an effort to make grammar rules more interesting and engaging for students, several authors have created books that help children acquire the terms of traditional grammar. Using Storybird, create a book that illustrates a part of speech that you would like to teach. More importantly, provide insight from your text that would help an English language learner acquire the grammar rules. Be sure to post the link to your storybook so that your classmates can view it. Guided Response: Review several of your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two. Comment on the effectiveness of the books your classmates created. Suggest grade levels and subjects for the book, and make any recommendations for improving the book.

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