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Freeman and Freeman (2004) suggest using alphabet books not only to learn the relationship between letters and sounds, but to also develop thematic units (pp. 154-158).  For this discussion, select an alphabet book and provide a brief description.  Explain why you chose this particular book and discuss how you would use the book in a class with English language learners.  Be specific on the methods you would use (phonics or a thematic study) and cite Chapter 6 in your discussion.  Also, include a complete reference for the alphabet book you’ve chosen for your discussion.

Guided Response:  Review several of your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two classmates.  Provide an alternate use for the same books your classmates have recommended.  For example, a book used for a thematic unit on butterflies might also complement a math unit on symmetry.  How might the methods used differ depending on the use of the book?

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I have a unique method of having the students learn the alphabet. I do not always use a book because I work with man learners who are tactile.

So another teacher and I  combined our classes and allowed our students  from both our classes to work together. It is wonderful idea because it gives a chance to have the students mingle with other children and build some social skills. So in the classroom, the teacher must draw a grid of the alphabet on the board and then pair up the students from the other class. Educator