ELL 242 week 2 DQ 1 Terrible Tongue Twisters - 30124

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 Tongue twisters present a phonologically challenging task for first and second language learners.  Find a substantial tongue twister from "English Tongue Twisters" and copy it into your discussion post.  Then, analyze the difficulties an English language learner might encounter when trying to repeat the tongue twister.  What difficulties did you personally encounter when trying the tongue twister? How can you apply your knowledge of phonology from Chapter 3 to help your students grasp not only the pronunciation, but also the confusing content of tongue twisters?  Properly cite and reference the course text and any online resources you use.

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Tongue-twisters are used by many specialists to help develop language because they usually rely on alliteration.  In, the Arabic alphabet the letter ‘p” does not exist and so words that start with P such as police, Pepsi and people are usually enunciated as bolice, besi and beoble.

That is why I chose the following tongue twister to aid my learners’ pronunciation.

Pheasant plucker

I am not the pheasant plucker,

 I'm the pheasant plucker's son and

 I am only plucking pheasants