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1. Question :


The Sociopsycholinguistic view of reading’s goal is to ______.




2. Question :


Chomsky’s theory of generative grammar is based partly on his observation that many sentences are structurally ambiguous.


 3. Question :


Providing comprehensible input for students is part of Krashen’s Input hypothesis.


4. Question :


The Affective Filter hypothesis is Krashen’s theory that student’s learning is not affected by anxiety, nervousness, or boredom.


 5. Question :


There are two views of writing: learning view and acquisition view.



 6. Question :


Generative grammar is Chomsky’s concept of language ______.



 7. Question :


The presence of certain kinds of errors that persist in the speech of adult second language learners is/are ______.





 8. Question :


Children’s errors in communication often reflect ______.






9. Question :


Teachers who correct errors to help students develop good language habits follow the current acquisition view of second language development.







 10. Question :

A teacher who creates conditions for authentic written responses and then helps students express themselves in writing has what type of view of writing?

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learn vocabulary in advance of reading

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