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Chapter 1 of the required text discusses research done by G. Wells, which suggests best practices for teachers when offering support to language learners. Discuss the implications of these suggestions as you prepare to teach ELLs.  How can you support the development of syntax, phonology, and semantics to help students read, write, and speak English? What would you focus on and what would you avoid doing in order to help your students?  

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The initial method to use with any type of learner  is to ensure that the learners are in a safe and welcoming environment.  The most important aspect of learning a language  is exposure to language.  When people interact about things we can see; there is more personalization and the things are real.  We can say give me the cup of sugar, I can point to what I am talking about, the words become visual.  When students do book learning, it is words on a paper.


 The National Reading Panel (n.d).  states that we try and help student store words and their definitions into their long-term memory.  This can and should be achieved from context and helping students personalize the information they are receiving, which in the long run will allows students to have a sound understanding.  Home and classroom environments that is cognitively and linguistically stimulating. Children are most likely to experience conversations that include comprehensible and interesting extended discourse and are rich with vocabulary when their parents are able to obtain and read good books and when their teachers provide classrooms with a curriculum that is varied and stimulating. Free time and pretend time in