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ELL 240 WEEK 3 DQ 1  comprehensible INPUT

What would you need from the teacher to make input comprehensible?

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I am young enough to remember being in school and how I felt as an out of place learner in the classrooms.  So as a new student in another culture I would like the teacher to be aware of my culture and religion and make me  feel comfortable.  Syrja (2011) states that an“ affective filter is defined as a screen of emotion that can block language acquisition or learning if it keeps the users from being too self-conscious or too embarrassed to take risks when they speak.” (Pg. 73)  IN Arab culture students are too scared of “losing face” in front of their friends.  This means that they are afraid of being embarrassed among their friends and peers.  Therefore, educators should make input comprehensible by setting up  an environment with a low key affectiv