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ELL 240 week 3 assignment activities for diverse parents

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Activities for Cultural Diverse Students


ELL 240Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Learners





Learning starts st home with ones parents.  However, we live in communities that are full of multiculturalism, therefore, it is vastly important for parents to become  involved with their children’s teachers to  provide the best educational experience for children.  Culturally Diverse families, learners and teachers provide different learning experiences and strategies that many of us might have not experienced in the past.   These learning experiences and techniques will exposure and educate people about other cultures that will be a part of our lives and thus provide many of us with different life experiences.  The purpose of this is essay will list examples of various presentation and activities which many teachers have used and provided parents involvement with their children’s education 

Activities and Presentations


Diverse Cultural Restaurants

The aim of this activity is to allow learners mingle and introduce themselves to other students in different classes.  This activity will also open a window for the students’ parents to come to the school, cook some of their traditional meals with their children and give an opportunity for parents to get together with other parents whose children are in the same grade and have the same cultural background as their children.  I know that this is a wonderful way for different shy parents to develop their