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1 Describe the characteristics of a long-term English learner. 

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Our text defines long-term English learners as students “who have been in United States schools for more than six years without reaching sufficient English proficiency to be reclassified for mainstream classes” (Syrja, 2011, p. 15).  

1 Describe the characteristics of a long-term English learner.  

A.Students  who have lived and attend school in socially segregated and linguistically isolated areas. (Syrja, 2011. pg16)


B.Someone who has moved around a lot, both transnational moves and in and out of the United States for periods throughout their schooling.(Syrja, 2011 pg16)



C.Are typically found in grades 6–12. (Menken, Tatyana, . 2009)


D.These students speak different languages and are bilingual.  They also hail from all over the world. (Menken, Tatyana, 2009)


E.LTEL have different needs from those of newly arrived English language learners,. (Menken, Tatyana, . 2009)

F.Someone who spent at least two years in a mainstream program with no ESL support. (Syrj