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 Personal data on each of us is stored in many locations.Ê Data is being collected and analyzed in new ways every day.Ê New methods of securing data are also being developed but are they keeping up?Ê Some data collectors are reputable and are working toward securing your data.Ê Some are not and are selling your information.Ê What is at risk if you have information stolen? Specifics You will research this personal data collection and identity theft. Ê Create a 3 - 5 page paper (+ bibliography) Some topics you should think about including are: ¥ A definition of electronic Identity Theft ¥ Method's of identity theft - or activities that increase your risk ¥ possible outcomes of having your electronic identity stolen ¥ statistics on the occurance of identity theft and it's projected increase ¥ stategies to protect yourself or minimize risk of electronic identity theft ¥ steps you should take if you have been affected by this crime.

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