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Effective Leadership Essay


The individual I chose as an effective leader is my current Supervisor Darrell Cook.  I chose him because our leadership style and approaches are similar. On the Blake and Mouton managerial grid he falls into the 9,9 on the grid for the team management category.   We learn to be better leaders as we are faced with different issues and problems every day.  We often coach each other on things that we notice about each other to help us be better leaders in our department. 

Darrell is very competent when it comes to communication with our team.  His knowledge about our operation is second to none and it helps us make crucial decisions.  Darrell has a knack for being situation sensitive an example of this is when we have a shipper make a huge mistake which is going to set us back. Darrell approaches the situation calm and cool and coach’s the team member on the mistake he made while giving him an explanation of the possible outcome if we hadn’t caught the mistake, showing sensitivity.  Darrell has very good verbal skills which help him communicate and motivate the team all while living the values of the company we work for.

When the situation presents itself, Darrell can take it to another level and become more serious when we are under a time restraint.  Hersey and Blanchard described situational leadership as dependent on concern for relationships, concern for task, and concern for maturity of followers.  Darrell shows his concern for the task that needs to get done and knows that our shippers ar