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Topic: Is online schooling new to you? Are you familiar with Blackboard? Do you know the benefits of Liberty's Online Writing Center? Use this forum to reflect on interactions with some LUO tutorials that will provide guidance as you navigate through the class. The tutorials will help prepare you for success in the technical components of EDUC 200. Thread Prompt: In a single paragraph, give 2–3 tips you learned from viewing the Blackboard tutorials or the Online Writing Center tutorial, and tell specifically how you will apply them. Provide the tips even if you are not new to Liberty University Online. NOTE: MORE THAN ONE ANSWER POSTED CHOOSE ANY
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Tip 1: Though I have been using Blackboard for a while now, I honestly did not notice that I could email the professor/other classmates through it. This whole time, I’ve been using the site to send emails (which has worked great, too; no complaints there). Not having to navigate away from Blackboard in order to log into may save me a few precious seconds, so I may try this next time I need to email a professor (which I encourage, as all the professors I’ve ever contacted have been very responsive and helpful!). Tip 2: Taking a test and being able to save and resume later--There was once when I either read the instructions wrong or it was worded more ambiguously at the time or for that particular class, but I thought it was possible to leave a test, have it “paused,” and could be resumed later. I never used it except once when, after I began a test, something came up that called me away for a few hours. I thought I could stop the test (and stop the timer) to come back to it later. This was not the case! So this tip on the Blackboard tutorial helped more concretely explain how the “Save & Resume” option works. Obviously, emergencies cannot be expected or helped, but for any other case, I will of course be sure to allow enough time to take a quiz or exam.