EDU 372 WEEK 3 DQ 2 Reciprocal Teaching - 20134

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Watch the video “Watch & Learn: Text Comprehension” ( and discuss how the students assume responsibility for helping one another learn. Explain how strategies used in reciprocal teaching can increase reading comprehension. How does reciprocal teaching accommodate diverse learners? 

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From the start of the video, the children took the responsibility of being in charge of their own behavior.  They approached the reading table in a calm manner and sat quietly while the teacher read the story about otters with enthusiasm which caught the students’ attention.  When the teacher was explaining the guidelines to the steps of how they were going to conduct their discussion, the students was attentive and was able to respond by using the constructive approach.  For example, their questions were associated to the reading material or subject, the students that were called upon clarified the meanings of unfamiliar words for other peers, they were able to find and explain the main ideas in the story, and lastly, the student called upon predicted she was going to learn more about the otters.