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There are many ways to measure the intelligence of a person. One well known method is the I.Q. testing. Take the I.Q. Test available at the I.Q. Test Labs website ( Using your experience with this test and the information from our reading assignment this week respond to the following:

  • Do you agree with the results of your own I.Q. test? Why or why not?
  • How do you feel about the practice of I.Q. testing? What did you learn about I.Q. testing? How does your experience connect with information from the text on I.Q.?
  • If a parent asked you what you thought about I.Q. testing, what helpful information could you provide him/her about the variables, influences, and value of I.Q. testing? Could I.Q. testing be used as a valid tool in the teaching-learning process? 
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 Do you agree with the results of your own I.Q test?  Why or why not?

The test is somewhat fair, considering the time I used to answer each question.  I did not manipulated speed to achieve an average score.  Instead, I based my time on answering the questions to maintain accuracy, and I ran out of time to answer all the questions.  It was my option to make an intelligent guess on some questions, but I chose not to. 

How do you feel about the practice of I.Q. testing?