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Module 1 - SLP

Introduction to Macro-Economics: Fiscal and Monetary Policy


The following are some guidelines to help you select an organization:

-  It could be your current or a past workplace

You do not have to be affiliated with the organization you write about, as long as you can find information about it.  It could be a public corporation with common stock, a business you shop at, or a place where a friend, relative, or spouse works or owns.  It can also be a public organization such as a police or fire department or museum.

It could be an organization that you are familiarize with from reading the news, from internet webpages, etc. 

It would be highly desirable for you to select an organization that is not a military unit.  This is only a suggestion and is based on the fact that the kind of economic transactions that military operations participate in are often more difficult to fit into the standard economic concepts. Thus, you find yourself having to stretch your interpretation, sometimes with difficulty, in order to apply economic concepts to their activities. It's not that it can't be done; however, it puts you to a lot of extra work for very little additional educational benefit. If you feel you really desire to use a military organization for these exercises, please check with your instructor first so that some alternatives might be explored.  Some of our students who wish to have a military focus choose to use a major for-profit military contractor as their reference organization.

Please note that you will not be asked to disclose any intimate or awkward material about any organization you choose.  Confidentiality will be fully respected.

For the Module 1 component of the Project, please address the following questions in a 2 to 3-page MS Word document:

Please repeat the questions below on the title page of your paper

          1.  Identify and briefly describe the organization you are going to use. Why do you think it will be an interesting focus for your application of     economic ideas? 

          2. Pick two of the Big Ideas referred to in the Powerpoint presentation below.  Discuss how  they apply to your organization.   

Think about the financial situation for your reference organization. If you're using an unconventional organization, you may have to get a little creative here.

3. Assess the overall financial health of your organization?  What are good and bad signs, if any, in your assessment?  Measures of financial health may include sales and/or profit increases or decreases, if employees are being hired or laid off, major new orders being placed or orders being cancelled.  These are some but not all measures that could be looked at but if you are using an unconventional organization, you may have to get a little creative here.

4.  To what extent is your organization's financial health affected by either fiscal or monetary policy (pick one)?  Please give at least one specific example.


SLP assignment expectations:

LENGTH : 3 typed and double-spaced pages.

In addition to the overall quality, depth, grammar, and organization of the paper, the following will, in particular, be assessed: 

1.  Your ability to apply economic concepts to a given single organization

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