ECO100 ECO 100 week 7 Discussions DQs (Graded A+) - 60950

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"Unemployment" Please respond to the following:

·         Using the e-Activity, compare the unemployment rate in your state to the national average of the past four (4) years. Compare the trends in relation to the types of unemployed workers in your state. Provide support for your response.


·         Using the e-Activity to answer the question. You have been hired as a staffing agency representative for a company that places individuals in temporary and permanent work positions. Explain the effect that the current unemployment rate may have on your clientele in the next couple of months and how it could affect your area’s overall economic growth. Provide support for your response.

"Inflation" Please respond to the following:

·         Imagine that you have a fixed 30-year interest rate for your mortgage, and the economy has experienced unanticipated inflation. Examine who the winner and loser would be either the borrower or the lender in the given scenario. Provide support for your response.


·         You have been hired as a consultant for your state. You have been asked to understand what would happen to the rate of inflation if the state experienced economic growth. Explain how the rate of inflation would change if your state experienced economic growth.

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