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     Individual Assignment Big Drive Auto


·         Resources:University ofPhoenix material, Big Drive Auto

·         Read theUniversity ofPhoenix material, Big Drive Auto.

·         Respond to the following paragraphs in a report of no more than 1,750 words. Include any graphs or charts you use to support your discussion.


o    Big Drive Auto collects data on the volume of sales as well as prices charged for the goods and services it sells to its domestic market for automobile products. Examine the data in the accompanying scenario. It is expected that by relating this data to the macroeconomic data of the country in which it operates that Big Drive Auto can improve its planning and operations.


o    Choose a country outside the United States as one of the countries where Big Drive Auto operates. Go to International Financial Statistics (IFS) located of the International Monetary Fund Web site located at Select macroeconomic measures of that country against which Big Drive might use to compare its own sales and price data. What relationships do you find? You might graph the macroeconomic data against Big Drive Auto's data to better see the relationships. How could Big Drive Auto use these relationships to better plan its operations? Note. If you do not find automotive industry data for the country you choose, consider using GDP data and general retail price data because they might be a good proxy for the automotive industry.


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     Individual Assignment Big Drive Auto


·         Resources: University of Phoenix material, Big Drive Auto


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