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  Individual Assignment: CelluClear Wireless Goes Global


·         Complete the following assignment in a paper of no more than 1,400 words. CelluClear Wireless is located inAmerica. Choose a country outside theUnited States to represent where Big Box operates, then choose a different country where the OEM manufactures. In the CelluClear Wireless scenario, consider the relevant costs associated with exporting and importing and the strategies or techniques CelluClear Wireless can use to control the cost associated with the trade.


·         Analyze the problem presented in the case and the goal to achieve in the case. If you were the manager who is charged with the decision whether to accept the export order from Big Box, what would you decide to do? Provide a rationale to your decision. Use the data provided in the case to support your decision and the analysis. Refer to the “Opportunity Cost” supplement for a process to identify and evaluate alternatives.




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   Individual Assignment: CelluClear Wireless Goes Global


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