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History of early childhood education in which you will compare and contrast three different theorist who have contributed to early childhood education and how they may have impacted your philosophy. (choose any 3: Piaget, Vygotsky, Erikson, Gardner,Montesory) The format should include an introductory paragraph, an overview of the theorists being discussed (1-2 paragraph), a discussion comparing and contrasting the information (1-1.5 pages), and a conclusion (1 paragraph). APA style Use this books: Use at least 2 books from the ones provided. my prof strict on this: Bredekamp, S. (2013). Effective Practices in Early Childhood Education: Building a Foundation. Pearson. 2nd edition Mooney, C.G. (2013). Theories of Childhood Second Edition: An Introduction to Dewey, Montessori, Erickson, Piaget, & Vygotsky. Redleaf Press. Bodrova, E. & D.J. Leong. (2006). Tools of Mind: The Vygotskian Approach to Early Childhood. Prentice Hall. 2nd edition.
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Early childhood education was first started in the 1800s whereby various theorists came up with concepts to explain early childhood learning experiences. Some of the theorists include J