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Hypothetical Project: Axe, Inc. is contracted to build four (4) bookshelves for your schools music classroom. You, the client, estimate that each bookshelf will take one (1) day to build at a cost of $1,000 USD per bookshelf.

It is now day three (3) and work completed to date by Axe, Inc. is as follows:

  1. The first bookshelf is completed at a cost of $1,000
  2. The second bookshelf is completed, at a cost of $1,200
  3. Third bookshelf construction started but is only 40% complete and has spent $480.00.

Tutoring: I require assistance with the following

  1. Performing an EVM analysis of this hypothetical situation
  2. Calculate the following based on the information provided with MS Excel using formulas or providing step by step instructions for how the results are calculated
  1. PV, EV, AC, BAC, CV, CPI, SV, SPI, EAC, ETC, and VAC
  2. Sample MS Excel template provided
Interpret the EVM results for how it will impact this project.

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