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E-recruitment is also referred to as online recruitment and it implies the application of online technology for numerous processes of assessing, enticing, selecting, onboarding, and recruiting job candidates. E-recruitment helps employers to get in touch with a huge number of potential workers. Organizations can establish their e-recruitment policies in-house, install e-recruitment HR software or hire recruitment bodies that use e-recruitment in their operations. Elements of e-recruitment include the following: application tracking, social media, online testing, job boards, and employer’s website. Technology has a great impact on human resource especially on e-recruitment. This paper will address elements of e-recruitment, e-recruiting tools, the significance of e-recruitment in human resource management, the pros and cons of e-recruitment and considerations when making e-recruitment decisions.











Applicant tracking is one of the elements of e-recruitment and it entails evaluating the candidate status with regard to the post they applied for. Employer’s website is the other element and it offers information about job openings and gathers information regarding the same. The other element of e-recruitment is job boards that contain job advertisements from agencies and employers. Online testing is also an element of e-recruitment and it entails some form of online assessment of candidates (Miller-Merrell, 2017). Lastly, social media is an element of e