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E-commerce stands for electronic commerce and deals with trading in products and services on using computer networks. The most common computer network currently is the internet and it is widely used for different types of businesses by using technologies such as mobile commerce, supply chain management, inventory management systems, electronic funds transfer etc. E-commerce business are mostly commonly used in the form of online shopping and trading. One of the most common business that is being done through internet is the real estate business. The landlords willing to dispose off their property display attractive pictures of their property on the internet and the potential buyers view those pictures on different real estate websites such as realtor.com and approach the landlords in case they feel that there is a possibility of entering into a deal. E-commerce is also commonly used for B2B (Business to Business) marketing. Moe importantly, e-commerce is also extensively used to gather data through websites and social media and that data is later on sold to different companies that are contemplating on launching new products or services but are not sure the preferences and priorities of people in the target area or region.