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Respond to FOUR of the following SIX questions:

1.    Many drugs have been used for medical purposes at one time or another. Pick two drugs that have been utilized in this capacity and explain the medical rationale behind their use. Conclude your answer with a description of why each drug was later banned from medical usage.


2.    Explain the difference between licit and illicit drugs. Be sure to include a discussion of instrumental use and recreational use within your response.






1.    Explain the concept of “Club Drugs”. In your discussion, give examples of some of the drugs typically used and explain why these particular drugs are popular Club drugs. Also, explain the health risks of club drugs beyond their own individual toxicities.




2.    Drug abuse is typically associated with depressed inner city areas, but methamphetamine is very much a problem in rural areas. Discuss the reasons methamphetamine is equally or more prevalent than other illicit drugs in areas outside America’s inner cities.




1.    Explain the drug Salvia divinorum. Include in your discussion: its history, effects and potency, accessibility, what the DEA has said about this drug, any toxicity concerns, and the results of a 2009 Michigan survey. Based on what you’ve learned about Salvia, should we be concerned about this drug in the future? Explain why or why not.




1.    Discuss the specific adverse effects of marijuana on driving skills. Conclude your discussion by offering your view to the following: based on what is known, should DUI include driving under the influence of marijuana? Explain why or why not.




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