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1.    After reading the Akers, et al (1979) article and watching the “Poverty” film, do you believe that peer groups are a risk factor for drug use or do you take the side of critics who claim that drug users seek other drug users for companionship? In other words do you think peers cause drug use or is it simply “birds of a feather flock together?” Did the film change any of the opinions you had about those that are addicted to illicit drugs? What efforts, if any, do you feel the government should exercise to assist those that are addicted to illicit substances? Explain your answer.

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Drugs are introduced to people in society by other people in society. While some people are more vulnerable than others to succumbing to the addictive qualities of the drug they are also heavily influenced by the actions of their peers. Peers play a powerful role in the life of the individual especially with juveniles. In an attempt to fit