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After watching the “Most Dangerous Drug” video, do you think that methamphetamine is more addictive than other drugs? Should it be the focus of anti-drug use campaigns? Should penalties for the distribution of methamphetamine be more severe than for other drug distribution?

Methamphetamines are stimulants that are highly addictive and affect the central nervous system. When the person comes down from the high they gain from the methamphetamine they will experience an intense and long withdrawal from the drug. Methamphetamines can be made in a homemade lab and are easily accessible. Methamphetamines should be the focus anti-drug use campaigns in order to educate the public on the harmful effects of the drug. While there are many different drugs that can harm the user, Methamphetamines are readily accessible and are extremely dangerous. Methamphetamines are also referred to as ice, glass, crank, crystal, and speed and can cause permanent damage to the body. Methamphetamines rot the teeth of the user and causes damage to the brain. It causes the person to experience insomnia and suppresses the appetite. Methamphetamines can be consumed in many different ways. Because the drug is so dangerous and so easily manufactured it should be paired with harsher penalties in order to deter it from being manufactured and sold.

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There are historical examples of military use of LSD to enhance soldiers’ fighting abilities, the reduction of paranoia, and the use of amphetamines to offset combat fatigue. While such use in the military is taboo today, are there any legi