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1.    Prevention and Intervention models based on risk and protective factors are growing in popularity. You will often hear them referred to as the “Resiliency Model” or the “Asset Model”. Define and explain risk factors and protective factors as they relate to drug use and abuse; what “pros” do you see in this model? What “cons”? In other words, if you were designing a new program, would this model be useful to you? Explain why or why not.

As you ponder your response, you may find it helpful or interesting to review the list of 40 “protective factors” identified by the Search Institute, as well as the SAMHSA Fact Sheet, for a simple but clear explanation of risk and protective factors.

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Risk factors are the vulnerabilities that will make one person more sensitive to succumbing to the variables associated with drug or alcohol abuse. There are many different risk factors that can make a person more vulnerable to being addicted to drugs which includes having parents that were drug or alcohol abusers, child abuse or neglect in childhood, lack