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The Healthcare Industry will witness some revolutionary changes in future. As per  Steven C. Schimpff (MD), these changes will be transformational and increasingly disruptive. These changes will not be induced by healthcare reform, but shall be reflective of certain driving forces which will be generated automatically due to changes in existing conditions.

Some of them will be as under

1)      More widespread chronic diseases among Americans which require long duration and expensive healthcare facilities. The emphasis will therefore change from diagnosis and treatment to prevention. The most common of these diseases are seven in number i.e. “cancer (broken into several types), diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart disease, pulmonary conditions and mental disorders.”. Chronic diseases have a current effect of $1300 billion on the economy. A growth of 42% in 2023 is predicted by the Milken Institute Research’s Report of 2007.(DeVol et. al., 2007)

2)      Old age problems on the rise due to an aging population.

3)      Consumerism and  patient controlled healthcare administration.

4)      Shortage of qualified and professional doctors and nurses at the Primary Care Level.

5)      New healthcare models where physicians will offer services to a smaller patient base but with facilities like free home visits.

6)      With ACA, HMO’s will drive to reduce costs by increasing efficiencies, not at the cost of services.

These will be the main trendsetting drivers in the Healthcare Industry envisaged in the coming decades.