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at least  8 pages Psyc tutorial on Verbal Learning needed to adress the question: 

  • Does verbal learning at an early age have an effect on long term learning skills?

The attached word document has all information and requirements for this tutorial and also includes a list of potiential references to use.

  • Must be APA pgs
  • No plagiarism




Tutorial Information

·         No plagiarism

·         5 APA references

·         Title the paper using the below research question.

·         Write the double-spaced paper in a manner that answers the research question you posed.

·         Use these headings to write the paper: (1) Introduction; (2) Problem Statement and Research Question; (3) Significance of Research Question; (4) Report of Research Findings; (5) Connection to Personal and Professional Goals; (6) Discussion, Recommendations, and Conclusions; and (7) References.


Research Category

·         The research category chosen is “Verbal Learning”

Research Topic

·         The Long Term Effects of Verbal Learning

Research Question

·         Does verbal learning at an early age have an effect on long term learning skills?

Research Plan

Verbal learning is one of the main priorities in early childhood for humans. The communication capabilities of humans are extravagant, and it is necessary to ensure an easier life. I feel that people who don’t have positive experiences with verbal learning at an early age may experience difficulty developing other learning methods later in life. To find out whether or not this is true could be a vital piece of information for future generations. I intend to research journal articles that describe learning styles and how they are developed. My intentions are also to find statistical publications that highlight the outcome of kids who experienced different learning techniques in an effort to hopefully find a link back to verbal learning at an early age.


List of Potential References

Carleton College (2012, March 23). Learning Styles Retrieved from


MAYER, E. (2003). Three facets of visual and verbal learners: Cognitive ability,. Retrieved from


Pallapu, P. (2007). Effects of visual and verbal learning styles on learning . Retrieved from

       Volumes/Fall 2007 Vol 1 PDFs/Visual Verbal

American Psychological Association. (2013). Research in Brain Function and Learning.

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Carleton College. (2013, February 05). Learning Styles. Retrieved from


Lefranc?ois, G. R. (2012). Theories of human learning : what the professor said. Belmont, CA : Wadsworth.


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Pallapu, P. (2007). Effects of Visual and Verbal Learning Styles on Learning. Institute for Learning Styles Journal, 1, 34-39.


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