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What 3-4 significant changes must be made when a couple divorce? Should couples stay together for the sake of the children? While this might seem like a simple question consider how long the couple has been married and age of the children. What advice would you give to a friend or family member getting a divorce? Do you think the man or the women is usually better off after the divorce and why?


Do you feel that the covenant marriage option will help to curb the divorce rate? Why or why not? If you are already married, would you have considered the covenant marriage option? If you are planning on marriage in the future, would you consider this alternative? Why or why not? Do you think that holding people “at fault” for divorce is a rational plan? Why or why not? Should the courts mandate divorce counseling when children are involved?



Were you aware that divorce settlements can be reopened even 20 years later? Do you believe web sites like Divorceview.com mentioned in the video provide sound advice to divorced people?

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