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Week 2: Select Organization

This week, you should be working on
Steps 1 and 2 of the project (See the process flowchart in the Course Project tab under Course Home.).

Step 1: Identify the organization you selected for the course project (listed in the Assignment section above). Instructor approval is required. Be prepared to provide the following information (in bulleted format) regarding your selection.

  • Describe the industry of the selected organization.
  • Explain why you selected this organization.
  • Discuss what steps you will need to take to complete the diversity audit (What interviews will you conduct? What other steps will you take? etc.).

Step 2: Identify the criteria that you will use for the audit. These criteria will become the benchmarks that you will later use for evaluating the organization's diversity initiatives. The criteria must be based on research, not just your opinions. You might also think of the criteria as a list of best practices. There is nothing due associated with Step 2 this week, but you'll need to complete it to stay on track.

Week 3: Course Project Draft

Step 3: Identify your audit methods. What steps will you need to take to complete the audit? What secondary research will you need to evaluate? This might include company websites, annual reports, news articles, and so forth. What primary research will you conduct? This would include personal interviews (can be conducted in person or over the phone). You might choose to utilize a questionnaire or survey.

Step 4: This involves actually conducting the audit (gathering your secondary research and conducting the primary research). The draft of your course project is due. Be sure to include all four steps in your draft.

Week 3 Grading Rubric





Executive Summary



This should be summarized in such a way that readers can rapidly become acquainted with your paper without having to read it all. The summary should contain a brief statement of the problem or proposal covered in the major document.

Organization Background



This should provide information about the selected organization's background (history, size, culture, industry, organization, etc.).

Audit Method



Explain the criteria selected for a diverse organization. This should detail how and why criteria was selected.




The draft should be well organized and explore concepts in sufficient detail.





Suggested Activities Before Week 7 Final Course Project

During Weeks 5 and 6, you should begin
working on Steps 5, 6, 7, and 8 of the project (See the process flowchart.).

Step 5: Write a description of the organization's diversity initiatives. The information you need to write this portion of the project is the secondary and primary research that you have completed.
Step 6: Evaluate the organization's diversity initiatives. This is not an evaluation based on your own opinions. It is an evaluation against the audit criteria (best practices) that you have identified earlier.
Step 7: Write your recommendations. Recommendations should include proposed changes to the organizations current process as well as innovations in the way that the organization conducts audits. The recommendations should flow logically from the description and evaluation of the organization's diversity initiatives.
Step 8: This is basically pulling together all of the pieces of the project and completing your first draft of the final report.

Week 7: Final Course Project

The course project is due at the end of this week. If you have kept up with the project as outlined for Weeks 1-6, then you have already written the first draft of the report. Use this week to edit the final report, add the title page, table of contents, list of references, and any appendices.

Finalize the Executive Summary (Initial draft was completed in Week 3.). This should be no more than two pages; should include a description of the organization; and summarize the audit criteria, audit methods, description of organization's diversity initiatives, your evaluation, and recommendations.

  • Papers should be 6-12 typed pages, not including references, cover sheets, table of contents, appendices, and so forth.
  • To be considered complete, papers must include a title page, table of contents, executive summary, appropriate appendices, and reference list (APA format). Substantial points will be deducted for failure to include all of these items.
  • See the grading rubric below.



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