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What are the characteristics of information that affect quality? What are examples of each? 

Qualities of excellent data are exactness, fulfillment, consistency, uniqueness, and auspiciousness. Data needs to be of high caliber to be valuable and precise. The data that is info into an information base is dared to be impeccable and additionally exact. The data that is gotten to is regarded dependable.

Fulfillment is an alternate property of top notch data. Incomplete data should be deficient data on the grounds that it is just a little piece of the picture. Fulfillment is as vital as correctness when inputting information into a database.

Consistency is a key when entering data into a database. For instance, with a segment for a telephone number entrance 10 digits is the normal length of the field. When the fields have been set in the database, a number pretty much than 10 digits, won’t be acknowledged.