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Week 7 Discussion post

Explain the special feature that makes callable bonds attractive to an issuing corporation. Why would some bonds be classified as “secured bonds”?

2. What are two ways in which estimating uncollectible accounts improves the accuracy of the financial statements?   

. How do the percent of revenue method and the percent of receivables method to estimate uncollectible accounts expense differ?

Week 6 Discussion post

Week 5 Discussion Post

Some say that Bernard L. Madoff is the biggest financial fraud in history. The New York Times gives us some background on Mr. Madoff

"For Bernard L. Madoff, there was also his multimillion-dollar private foundation that doled out money to hospitals and theaters. Indeed, through his charity work at places like the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation or his public service at institutions like Yeshiva University, where he served on the board, Mr. Madoff seemed to have created a stainless persona of integrity and trust. And that fit with his rate of return, which was never attention-grabbing, just solid 12-13 percent year in, year out."

How did Mr. Mandoff keep his new investments at such a high rate of return and keep paying off investors and giving to charities? Explain how he was able to do what he did financially so long.

Week 4 Discussion

What is the difference between FIFO and average costing method?

Week 3 Discussion

What are the two fundamental equality requirements of the double-entry accounting system? efine debit and credit and explain how assets, liabilities, common stock, retained earnings, revenues, expenses, and dividends are affected by (increased or decreased) by debits and by credits.

Week 2 Discussion


What is the difference between a cost and an expense? When does a cost become an expense? Do all costs become expenses? Explain

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Week 2 Discussion

 The difference in cost that a clerk will know what is the cost of office supplies. The expense is us of how much was used to get the office supplies. The cost would become the expense when remaining funds for offices is left over. Yes, all cost turns into expenses. To get the offices for the next fiscal year. The company needs to know what was spent on the last fiscal year. To determine the exact expense of the cost for office supplies


Week 3 Discussion

1.The two fundamental equality requirements are Assets and Debits. The assets must equal claims and debits must equal the credits.

2.When defining Assets, Liabilities, Common Stock, Retained Earnings, Revenues, Expenses, and Dividengs,  Its best to point out that Debit is the left side and credit means anything on the right side of and account.


                                               DEBITS                                 CREDITS

ASSETS                                 Increase                                  Decrease

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