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Discrimination during Recruiting

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Discrimination during Recruiting

The state may use two methods to recruit its', own staff. The methods include in-house personnel from human resource department; while they could also use the services of an agency recruitment to shortlist the applicants and finally help choose the candidate who is most successful(Breaugh, 2013)

In the event the state decides to use in-house staff to help recruit, it is crucial that the staff recruiting are aware of the obligations placed on them and are ready and willing to make sure the process is free and fair. In the event the state does not take measure to ensure the staff does not act in a discriminatory manner, the state should be held responsible for such actions.

Should the state decide on using a recruitment agency, the state should ensure the agency is well aware of its legal obligations against any form of discrimination.  Agencies of recruitment also must remind their employers of unintentionally discriminating during recruiting process. That is in cases where the employer is not aware of their obligations.

Agencies of recruitment should however not follow through with requests from the employer on discrimination. That requests may range from discrimination based on sex, age, disability, race, or any other form of discriminatory characteristic that is protected under federal or state laws against discrimination. Shouldarecruitment agency receive requests to be biased from an employer, it is crucial they inform them they are placing both the agency and the employer at risk of getting complaints of discrimination. Also, it would be wise to advise the employer that they are minimizing their chances of getting well-qualified applicants by seeking a smaller range of applicants(Breaugh, 2013).

The recruitment agent should discuss the crucial requirements with the employer, and not personal traits which are irrelevant. The agent should also advise the employer on some of the information that is necessary and one which is not while preparing the job description. The re