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Determine how Five Guys’ philosophy sets it apart from other fast-food chains

Five Guys Burger and fast food chains are two competitive family businesses which were started as a small hamburger takeout shop in Arlington, Virginia. But these two businesses vary based on services they offer to their customers with five guys burger philososophy based on the straightforward menu, quality of the hamburger and French fries they provide and outstanding customer relationship as compared to the fast-food chain whose aim is based on value, price and quality(Burke, 2012). Five guy’s burger main objective is to be the best in the area in their services than any other competitive business like fast food within the locality. According to Burke, (2012) five guys offer the best homemade burger since they used 80% fresh beef patties for their burger and the fries are hand-cut never frozen. Five guys offer free ingredients such as slices of tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise, ketchup, slice of pepperoni, onions, opted mushrooms, mustard and barbeque sauce as part of burger and fries bought by the customer and these tend to make their burger more pricey than  fast food which only offer peanut to their customer. Fast food offer fast service at affordable price, their food is always frozen and not fresh as compare to that of five guys (Weise, 2011). Fast food business such as Macdonald believe on the quality, price value and cleanliness

These two competitive businesses never use any marketing or advertising media as both have different idea of attracting their customers. Fast food believe that the only way to attract customers is by providing quality food which will make customers come back for more while five guys believe that the only way is by the word of mouth that will lead other customers to come for their service.

In conclusion, both businesses value their customers on the service they provide but it is clear the customers will need the best service. However, Five Guys approved to be best in their services by the fact that they offer fresh unfrozen homemade burger  with seventeen topping which are not in the fast food service even though the competition was  healthy but the desire of the customer will drive them to the restaurant of their choice