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Outline and explain the four steps of the career management process-


Self-Assessment- This helps the employee identify developmental needs, values and aptitude. Employers gain insight on an employee’s current situation and resources. The employer can identify what to consider for their future plans and career status.


Reality Check- Employees get info on their skills, knowledge and where they fit in into the company.


Employers communicate opportunities available, performance evaluation and where they fit in long term.


Goal Setting- Identify the goal, and the method of determining their progress towards the goal. The employer makes sure the goal is specific, challenging and attainable.


Committing to help the employee reach his or her goals.


Action Planning- The employees identify the steps and timetable to reach goals. The employer identifies the resources needed including courses, work experience and relationships.


Describe and discuss the family friendly schemes that fall into the category of the other employer-divided benefits.


Family Leave- This gives employees time off to care for their dependents when the need arises. Paid family leave remains rare in the United States, but unpaid leave is required by law for up to 12 weeks.


Most employees do not take the full 12 weeks many cannot afford to, especially if they are in charge of their household and some are unwilling to use it fully for fear of damage to career opportunities.


Child care- This takes several forms, needing different levels of the organizations involvement. In the highest capacity the company can have child care in or near your work. At another level they can provide vouchers or discounts to their employees for the child care facilities. The results of absenteeism and productivity has varied.


College- Some organizations sponsor tax favored 529 savings plans. These plans allow parents and other family members to defer taxes from their earning of their deposits into the 529 account. Organizations can arrange with a broker to offer direct deposit of a portion of the employee’s paycheck in their account.


Elder Care- Many employers have added elder care benefits in the form of information and support rather than direct financial assistance. They may provide flexible schedules, printed resources and access to counseling.


Briefly discuss the process of organizing a union, including the typical